Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Final Group Project Title

After consideration, we decided on a project title of: 

Development of a Temperature Control System for an Aquarium

Reasons for Selection:

This project originated from a previously considered project of the "Development of an Automatic Aquarium". However, before we were going to start on the 'Automatic Aquarium' project, we were told by our mentor, Mr Tan that theproject goals were not feasible within the time limit of two months given for the ISS, as at least 10 variables need to be measured and tested, which is complicated and time consuming. Mr Tan had suggested we embark instead on the development of a Temperature Control System for an aquarium, a subset of our current topic. As it only focuses on one variable - temperature, we will be instead going to develop system that ensures efficiency, electricity savings and regulated aquarium temperature. 

After further deliberation, we decided that using a high-power equipment such as the aquarium chiller that is powered from a electrical main for our initial system would be extremely risky, as may cause severe irreparable damage to the equipment, and may result in electrocutions. That is not a desirable scenario, so we would substitute the aquarium chiller with a DC motor, that is powered with few batteries for this first phase of this project. In the second phase after the ISS will we embark on a full-scale version of the Temperature Control System using a aquarium chiller and do testing in a water environment.

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