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Development of a Temperature Control System for an Aquarium
S2-07 (2013) ISS Group A
School of Science and Technology, Singapore


Many fish rearers or hobbyists have had problems trying to maintain an aquarium, mostly due to the lack of time. The fishes have to be maintained in optimal conditions to ensure their optimum growth and that they remain healthy. One crucial factor that affects fishes is temperature. The optimal temperature for each fish is species-specific, but most tropical fishes live within 24-27ÂșC water, outside of which they cannot survive. In this project, we aim to create a temperature control system that is controlled by an Arduino Uno microcontroller. Using a temperature sensor, the Arduino will gather temperature data. Upon reaching a certain temperature threshold, the programmed Arduino will switch on a relay to start operating the chiller. Through what we observed, setting up and operating such a system is possible, and was accomplished. This project, in the long term, aims to solve the problems of maintenance and the high electricity cost aquarium owners face, but for this current phase of the project, we will be focusing on the construction and setup of the main system, excluding the chiller.

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